&*@#$ has hit the fan again. Stop now, it stands for Covid. I don’t use curse words in this article. Give me some credit here people. The decision has been made to postpone our Membership Appreciation Dinner. You will not be forgotten. As soon as covidly possible the party will be back on. We will be having our Annual Board Meeting during the noon meal on Wednesday beginning at 12 noon.

Also on Wednesday, Norma and Zulema will be fixing up some of their specialties. Chili rellenos, rice and beans. I begged them for some posole, and my wish was granted. Ewwwww baby, I can’t wait. I’m sure this will be a big hit, so be sure and order your carry outs before 10:30 a.m. that morning. Call me at 435-9909.

Also, OGH will be at the center giving flu shots, and their other routine services. They can check your blood pressure, oxygen/ sugar level and cholesterol. It’s free to everyone. You need not be a member to come in for a quickie checkup. This is going to be a busy day at OCSCA.

We are so excited to have our volunteers from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints back with us. Please welcome Sister Ellie Sagers and Sister Caroline Conley. They are truly precious and are so excited to get to know each of you.

We had a very special gift delivered from Key Heights Baptist Church. Thank you for sharing your canned goods with us. Nancy thanks you for filling our panty, and our members thank you for filling their bellies.

On Oct. 28 we will be dressing up for Halloween. Has anyone heard what the “Queens” are dressing up as yet? I will be taking lots of pictures to put on Facebook for Geraldine Bentley to enjoy. She is staying in Amarillo with her daughter while recovering from ankle surgery. Geraldine is such a big part of this special group of ladies, and we will miss her even more than usual on this day. Hurry home Your Majesty.

In honor of all of our members staying safely at home, let’s flood our Facebook and web page with lots of fun costume pictures. We miss you all so much up here at the center. Help me out guys. Janye Pointer could dress up as a real estate agent, and Roy could be an insurance agent. Dale Johnson could be a dentist, Barbara a teacher. See how easy that is. I have lots of ideas if you need any help deciding.

Don’t be a witch about it, join the fun. Stop clowning around, dress up, or I’ll call your Mummy.

Menu for Monday, pepper steak with rice, carrots, pineapple bars; Wednesday, chile rellenos, beans and rice, tres leches cake; Friday, fried chicken tenders, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, four-layer delight. Each meal is served with salad, vegetables, bread, coffee and tea. Beverages are not included with takeout meals.

Please Note: Menus are subject to change.