County’s active COVID-19 cases are up slightly


Ochiltree County’s total COVID-19 cases may have risen slightly, but the active cases have fallen.

The county’s total cases have risen from 111 to 114 since last Tuesday evening. The number of active cases have risen slightly from 10 on Tuesday to 11.

According to data from the Texas Department of State Health Services, there have been 99 recoveries and four confirmed deaths.

The TDSHS website was updated with new information on Thursday afternoon, Sept. 10, but the data in the state’s website can lag at least a few days out of date, due to the high volume of cases TDSHS must process.

Though the county remains below the threshold of 20 active cases that triggers Governor Greg Abbott’s executive order mandating the wearing of protective masks, the order is still in effect for Ochiltree County.

The governor’s order requires a county to maintain an active COVID-19 count of less than 20 for at least 30 days before the order can be rescinded.

Since counties with low infection rates like Ochiltree could repeatedly seesaw above and below the 20 active cases threshold, the order keeps counties from having to go on and off the mask order many times.

However, the one-month mark for the county is approaching at the end of next week. If the county’s active cases remain below 20 for the rest of that period, the mandatory mask order will likely be rescinded.