Pelosi Pushes Irresponsible $3 TrillionWish List

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi introduced another $3 trillion in spending as the Democrats' latest response to the coronavirus pandemic. At more than 1,800 pages, the mammoth legislation is a cynical left-wing wish not rooted in reality. It demonstrates that the Democrats are irresponsible and unfitted to govern at a time of crisis.

Some $2.9 trillion in spending already out the door means that by next year, the federal debt is likely to be higher than the record set in World War II -- a milestone that wasn't supposed to be reached until more than a decade from now.

Now, Pelosi wants to pile on another $3 trillion on top of that record profligacy. For that amount of money, Washington could simply send out a $10,000 check to every person in the United States or $23,000 checks to every household. Either of those plans would be simpler and more effective than what Pelosi has in mind.







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