Tips offered to entertain pets while quarantining at home

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Social distancing has created a new sense of normal for many of us, including our pets. Dogs are probably excited that we are staying in our slippers all day, while some cats may be less than enthusiastic that we’re disturbing their naps.

Though social distancing presents some benefits, many may be finding the abundance of free time to be challenging. Courtney Markley, a veterinary student ambassador at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, offers some ideas to change up the monotony of the day.

“Pet owners can introduce new activities in their normal daily schedule to help pets adjust to all of these changes,” Markley said. “Pets will still expect an early breakfast and may need time to relax alone, either in their crate or a room by themselves, if they’re not used to constant excitement during the day.”



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