COVID-19 Could Be Deadly for Small Business

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by Armstrong Williams, Creator’s columnist Over the last few weeks, the United States has been grappling with the challenges of the global coronavirus pandemic. But the devastating effects have only just begun to surface for the average citizen. While COVID-19 is a very real and dire threat to the health and lives of the elderly and our most vulnerable, its unprecedented impact on the wider economy places us all at risk.

The American way of life as we know it could be forever changed unless critical action is taken immediately. Although the U.S. economy has been performing at record highs over the last several years, it is not enough to absorb the shockwaves of this virus. The nation has come to a grinding halt with cities taking drastic measures to contain the disease's spread -- shutting down schools, businesses and public places across the country.

Virtually every industry has been affected, with some such as the airline and casino industries requesting urgent government assistance to remain solvent. And while there are talks within the halls of Congress and the White House about a potential stimulus package to keep businesses on life support, the vast majority of Americans simply cannot rely on government bailouts. That is especially true for small businesses and their workers.

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