The Start of the Argument

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While many in our country are following the daily national soap opera of Washington Democrats attempting to throw President Donald Trump out of office, Newt Gingrich, my father, is attempting to raise our collective vision to focus on a national threat that exists outside our borders.

In his recent book, "Trump vs. China: Facing America's Greatest Threat," the former speaker of the House lays out the realities of the greatest threat our country faces to its long-term survival.

Americans must first understand that our country is very, very different from China. Our country is founded on the belief that God gives rights to individuals, who then loan them to the government, which is divided into three branches. That structure ensures that governing is a messy, inefficient process, but our Founding Fathers designed it this way intentionally -- to prevent a monarch from rising to power. To get things done, we have to have national discussions; people must push government officials in the right direction.

In China, Xi Jinping holds several jobs. First and foremost, he is the general secretary of the Communist Party and then he is the commander of the country's armed forces and, finally, its president. When Jinping talks about progress, he is referring to the welfare of these groups in that order. First, the Chinese Communist Party is to be successful and then the nation and then the individuals in the nation. The party and the nation come before the people.





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