Wheat harvest could be best since 2007

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For the local area, June 20 is the average time for wheat harvest to start, which will start for us in a couple of weeks.

According to Ochiltree ounty AgriLife Extension agent Scott Strawn, about 100.000 acres have been planted to wheat.

With all the rain coming to the area, the main problem has been hail damage to the crop. Strawn said that hail damage was the main problem, with several fields being completely lost. He said this would be about 10% of the crop.

Strawn said that as far as averages go, this crop has the potential to have the best average yield since 2007.

He also added that with two weeks to go before harvest will start, lots of things could happen and there could be some changes.

Strawn said that about half of the normal corn crop for the area has been planted, and added that there was still plenty of time, two weeks, for the producers to plant more corn if they wanted to add to their corn acreage.

He added that almost 95% of the cotton crop was ruined and there is not enough time to replant. He said there would be several small fields of cotton harvested, but not many.

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