Texans at Normandy:

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Seventy-five years ago, a courageous battle was fought and won by Allies at the beaches of Normandy. Its significance cannot be understated; the Allies’ defeat of the German forces at Normandy recast the direction of the war and set forth the campaign to liberate Europe from Nazi Germany.

Texas’ World War II veterans who have spoken about their time in the English Channel remember the invasion as like nothing they’d ever seen. Claude Grisham of Holly Lake Ranch, Texas recalls the many boats stacked with thousands of men funneling equipment towards the beach. Jack Hetzel from Big Sandy , Texas shared that the sky was so thick with military aircraft, not even the sun shone through. Paul Marable of Waco, Texas noted on D-Day’s 70th anniversary five years ago that he could “still hear the gears in that turret [of his tank] turning.”

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