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Mormons in the News…

I don’t know much about the Mormon Church, but I’ve always viewed most adherents as being generous with both their gifts and their time.

They number some 15 million worldwide, and in Utah—where about two million of three million citizens are Mormons—there’s considerable “co-mingling” of issues at both the state house and the church house. (Since Utah attained statehood in 1896, all of its governors—save two—have been Mormons.)

Most “church news” is spawned during semi-annual meetings, but a surprising new law from the state house kicked in on January 1.

Permissible blood alcohol content for drivers is now 0.05 percent, the lowest of any state. This law goes against the grain of many drivers, so it might be wellnoted that Utahns in the legislature who pushed this bill may add “courageous” to their names….

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