Short Takes on Not-So-Funny Humor and Not-So-Fun Flights

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A little chess humor. Very little.

In the world of chess, Fabiano Caruana is like Tiger Woods, Tom Brady and Serena Williams wrapped into one. He is America's premier grandmaster, and though his name isn't quite a household word yet, there are all kinds of reasons for readers to take note of him. For one thing, he is the only American to compete in the title fight for the World Chess Championship since Bobby Fischer defeated the Soviet Union's Boris Spassky in a 1972 classic Cold War match.

There's no Cold War intrigue this time. Caruana competed against reigning champion Magnus Carlsen, 27, of Norway in a grueling 12-match showdown in London which Carlsen won. Actor Woody Harrelson added some humor when he was given the honor of making the first move in the opening match. He reached for one of Caruana's pawns, then brushed his hand backward to knock down Caruana's king. Harrelson smiled broadly, then turned beet red when the two players were slow to get the joke. World champion chess players are a serious bunch.



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